Clinical Compliance

Clinical Compliance

Improve safety with practical, sustainable regulatory compliance

With our extensive knowledge of the relationship between the pursuit of safe patient care delivery and common-sense regulatory compliance, our Clinical Compliance practice offers deep expertise in proper interpretation of regulation, policy simplification, and practical application and implementation so that healthcare organizations can thrive and providers can spend more time at the bedside.

Regulatory and Accreditation Authority Success

Regulatory and accreditation authority success

We work with clients to identify and implement proven, sustainable approaches to prepare for and respond to regulatory and accreditation activity. We help with survey readiness, prioritizing key vulnerabilities and implementing solutions that address root causes. Post survey, we help implement effective and sustainable long-term fixes, such as:

  • Plans of Correction and evidence of Standards Compliance for accreditation and regulatory findings

  • Plans for abatement for "immediate jeopardy" and "immediate threat to life"

  • Correction of condition-level deficiencies and threats to accreditation or certification 

  • Long-term engagements aimed at CMS Systems Improvement Agreements

Organizational Dependability

Organizational dependability

We help clients avoid preventable harm by transforming core functions to sustain patient safety and regulatory compliance. We bring proven approaches for:

  • Change at the point of care by simplifying and streamlining complex tasks

  • Reduction of unnecessary burden of staff by simplifying policy and documentation requirements

  • Effective accountability management

Environment of Care/Life Safety

Environment of care/life safety

With 30% of most TJC findings falling within environment of care and life safety chapters, it is imperative that hospitals have a trusted partner with a deep understanding of the complexities of the physical environment. We help clients evaluate the safety and functionality of the physical environment as well as ensure the management functions are effective, sustainable, and compliant with all applicable requirements. 

Specialized Compliance Advisory

Specialized compliance advisory

In addition to our broad offerings above, we have expertise across myriad processes within a healthcare organization. A few examples of deep specialty areas include: emergency department operations, including EMTALA, infection prevention, behavioral health, patient safety, and clinical quality. 


We have a 100% success rate with state agency/CMS adverse actions, including an unmatched record with hospital systems improvement agreements.

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