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Chartis is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and committed to anti-racism. We value diversity, including but not limited to ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, religion, educational background, expertise, and experience.

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Our culture and DE&I commitment

At Chartis, our rich mosaic of experiences, capabilities, and perspectives is not only essential to creating superior solutions for our clients—it's foundational to our identity and ethos.


Our mission

Our mission is to materially improve healthcare delivery. We are dedicated to ridding healthcare disparities by addressing structural racism and health inequity.


Our vision

Our vision is to create an inclusive healthcare system that alleviates suffering, enhances the human condition, and is affordable and accessible.


Our values

Our values are grounded in care for one another. When one of us suffers injustice, we are all responsible for standing and striving against it.


Our people

Our people are deeply dedicated to our mission, vision, and values. Honoring our DE&I commitments requires individual action by every Chartis colleague.

Chartis colleague affinity groups

Creating an environment in which our colleagues feel welcomed, respected, heard, and valued is key to what we do. Our colleague affinity groups aim to sustain and enhance our inclusive culture by empowering our colleagues to connect and learn from one another.

Black Chartis Connect

Black Chartis Connect

The Black Chartis Connect affinity group provides a safe space for our Black colleagues to show up authentically, voice opinions, and share experiences while encouraging growth, advancing development, and fostering community. 


LGBTQIA Chartis Connect

LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect

The Chartis LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect group is dedicated to advancing LGBTQIA+ education and support for Chartis employees, clients, and our surrounding communities.

Pan-Asian Affinity Group

Pan-Asian Affinity Group

The Pan-Asian Affinity Group aims to raise awareness around cultural heritage, build allyship, promote continuous education, further career development and mentorship, and advance health equity.

Bringing DE&I to our colleagues and communities

Our partners

Together, Chartis and NAHSE created a framework, through research and insights from prominent Black healthcare leaders, that healthcare organizations can use to promote social justice and reduce health disparities in their communities.

Recruitment at Chartis partners with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) to equip and embolden high-achieving individuals from underrepresented communities—Black, Latinx, and Native American—to realize their full potential, to make a mark, and make a difference.

The Chartis Health Equity Advisory Board will help Chartis develop and drive an ambitious, results-oriented health equity agenda.

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