Bylaws and Rules & Regulations

Bylaws and Rules & Regulations

Modernize governance documents to optimize effectiveness and efficiency

Reviewing and updating bylaws gives the medical staff the opportunity to improve physician engagement, effect meaningful change, and implement leading practices that are responsive to the current complex environment. As a team of consultants who are also physicians, we have the experience to anticipate and overcome resistance to change and the empathy to create modernized governance structures that work with the unique culture of a complex healthcare organization.

Bylaws and Rules & Regulations Redesign

Bylaws and rules & regulations redesign

Working with physicians, administrators, and legal counsel, we facilitate a collaborative session to redesign an organization’s approach to bylaws and/or rules & regulations in alignment with its unique culture. We focus on legal and regulatory requirements as well as best practice options where variability is allowed. We support medical staff leaders by documenting the rationale for changes, and can assist in socializing the changes to secure approval by the medical staff.

Bylaws and Rules & Regulations Review

Bylaws and rules & regulations review

We work with clients to review medical staff governance documents, specifically assessing for regulatory compliance (and providing compliant language, as needed), and identifying opportunities to implement leading practices. 

Clear guidance for compliance

Careful vetting of bylaws and thoughtful rewriting or reorganizing are only the first steps—recognizing and overcoming resistance to change are important steps to achieving alignment and a return on investment.

  • Decrease unnecessary administrative burdens
  • Improve physician satisfaction by standardizing cross-system processes
  • Enhance autonomy and control through bylaws and rules & regulations
  • Foster a collaborative and productive coexistence between hospital and medical staff
  • Mitigate the potential for litigation

We now have uniform medical staff bylaws across our five hospitals. Aligning the medical staffs of each hospital was a significant lift and I cannot thank Chartis Clinical Quality enough for their help and expertise throughout the process.

—Tyler Jacobsen, Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Samaritan Health Services

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