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Chartis helps clients innovate care settings, care models, and clinical pathways to improve care quality, equity, outcomes, and caregiver and consumer experience.

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Helping you develop innovative care models, such as Hospital at Home and digital-first primary care transformation
Clinical Optimization & Technology - Digitally forward care journeys

Digitally forward care journeys

Healthcare delivery will always have a physical, hands-on offering. But digitally forward care models can expand care access options and extend opportunities to provide efficient, equitable, and proactive care. 

To navigate this new era of digital, we work with clients to effectively incorporate digital modalities into distinct patient care journeys, facilitating optimal health outcomes. This includes designing the digital ecosystem to enable care team and setting innovation, as well as defining effective clinical pathways for seamless handoffs across a distributed skill mix.  

Laying the foundation for a digital ecosystem

Chartis brings deep experience in innovative care models like Hospital at Home and digital first primary care transformation. We bring strong expertise in deploying digital tools to streamline operations such as inpatient throughput and periprocedural processes, and integrating the needs of diverse demographic groups to advance health equity. We also help lay a strong foundation for a digital ecosystem by designing and deploying a cohesive EHR and clinical systems strategy and fostering interoperability and data integration. 

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