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Chartis helps clients align their IT operations and roadmap with their digital strategy to make their vision a reality.

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From doing digital to being digital

Increasing investments in digital enablement and hospital at home, alongside the use of technological advancements like generative AI, showcase the industry’s commitment to digital transformation. But the challenge remains to align the digital strategy and technology operating model to move from “doing” a few digital initiatives to “being” digital. 

Chartis helps clients to connect the dots between the enterprise strategy, the vision for digital transformation, and IT.  

For organizations coming together through merger, acquisition, or joint venture, we also design and deploy the technology operating model and integration plan, ensuring IT is a “force multiplier” that enables and accelerates value creation. 

Expertise across domains

Across digital, AI, and IT domains, Chartis brings deep experience in defining strategies, building the business case and pro forma to catalyze change, and establishing the organization and operating model. We can also help reposition the technology plan, roadmap, and structure to enable business and clinical leaders across the enterprise to accelerate maturity in their domains—using an agile and transformative approach that drives optimal value, consistent improvement, advancement in health equity, and innovation.  

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