Revenue Cycle Transformation

Reposition revenue cycle as a strategic asset

Managing day-to-day operations amidst ever-escalating challenges can be a significant burden for revenue cycle operators. As you tackle the day-to-day, there’s an opportunity to better align the revenue cycle with broader organizational goals to help drive personal, team, and organizational success.

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Managing the healthcare revenue cycle
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Managing today’s (and tomorrow’s) healthcare revenue cycle

The legacy perception that revenue cycle is just “billing and collections” is outdated and minimizes the importance and complexity of the function. Cost management, shrinking margins, government regulation, complex payer contracts, patient experience expectations, demographic data collection requirements—all challenges that today’s revenue cycle operators face.

And then there are the multiple systems that are meant to be helping you be more efficient. Is your EHR optimized, and are you using it effectively to automate your processes? Where are you on the interoperability journey? What will innovation and emerging trends mean for the revenue cycle?

As a revenue cycle leader, it’s your responsibility to maintain a sophisticated level of knowledge and process management around these challenges, even those outside your span of control. In fact, your success oftentimes is dependent on the work and decisions of others.

We’ve been where you are—and where you need to be

At Chartis, many of our staff have worked in revenue cycle operations for provider organizations. We’ve experienced the frustration that misaligned processes and technologies can create. We help clients transform revenue cycle processes and optimize technologies—broadly, as part of a full transformation, or selectively, to accelerate specific value capture.

Whether you seek to ease or improve a specific aspect of the revenue cycle—or further progress on your full transformation—we meet you where you are and help you see and seize improvement:

  • Align the revenue cycle operating model to support strategic priorities.
  • Maximize technology investments.
  • Enable the realization of full revenue potential at the lowest possible cost to collect.
  • Create a consistent, equitable, and predictable patient financial experience.

Best in KLAS

Chartis was named a 2023 Best in KLAS winner in Revenue Cycle Optimization and Digital Transformation Consulting and, for the fourth straight year (2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024), the Best Overall Healthcare Management Consulting Firm.

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KLAS 2024 awards


Chartis provides the best revenue cycle consultants I have ever worked with. They possess a deep knowledge of best practices and industry trends, which they apply in tailored recommendations. Their advice is top notch—not just on what to implement but how to implement it. They are genuinely nice and caring people, whom I recommend without reservation.

—Chief Revenue Officer, Geisinger Health

Meaningful results, long-lasting impact

We help clients achieve better quality, affordability, access, experience, and financial outcomes. Average financial results achieved across our client portfolio:  

6-8 %

Cash to net revenue improvement

1-3 %

Avoidable write-offs reduction

3-5 %

Bad debt reduction

40-50 %

Discharged, not final billed (DNFB) reduction

10-20 %

Reduction in A/R days

4-6 %

Initial denials reduction

8-12 %

A/R > 90 days reduction

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