Healthcare 2030 COLLECTION
Healthcare 2030 COLLECTION

How to Prepare for the Future of Healthcare

In Partnership with Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

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The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, and some organizations are implementing innovative approaches to stay ahead of accelerating industry trends. To help organizations prepare for what’s next, Chartis partnered with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) to craft the four-part Healthcare 2030 series that unpacks the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for today’s healthcare leaders.

Each part of the series provides insights and guidance for those leaders navigating tomorrow’s challenges, helping them prepare for 2030 and beyond.

Katie Sklarsky from Chartis talks about financial sustainability

Leveraging Good Leadership to Work Toward Financial Sustainability

HFMA Senior Editor Paul Barr discusses Volume 2 of the Healthcare 2030 series. Katie Sklarsky from Chartis talks about financial sustainability, and Danielle Solomon from FORVIS talks about the importance of good leadership in times of change.

Healthcare 2030: Volume 3 Assets

Healthcare 2030: Volume 2 Assets

Healthcare 2030: Volume 1 Assets

Healthcare 2030: The Chartis Group and Bank of America Discuss Embracing Disruptors and Rethinking Care Delivery

Melissa McCain, Consumer Access Leader, discusses industry disruption, a need for laser focus on the consumer, as well as the fact that a digital front door is not sufficient for improving care access on the HFMA Voices in Healthcare podcast.

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