Performance Excellence


Provider organizations across the country agree that a focus on performance is essential under any future market scenario. With the stakes higher than ever before, previous, incremental approaches to performance improvement will not be sufficient to achieve the transformational change needed to succeed moving forward. Clinical and operating models must be fundamentally redesigned based on leading practice; and next-generation, sustainable approaches to performance improvement must be woven into the fabric of the organization’s culture.

Chartis offers a full suite of performance improvement and clinical transformation services to help your organization meet its clinical, financial, and operational goals. 

Financial Improvement: We help shore up traditional operational cost management approaches (e.g., supply chain and labor); embed robust and replicable improvement processes and strategies into daily management and extend focus to address costs resulting from care variation 

Revenue Realization: Highly effective models to ensure services performed are billed, billed are collected, and underperformed are maximized

Patient Engagement & Access: Innovative programs and platforms for patient and referring physician attraction and retention, network design and navigation, and throughput 

Quality & Clinical ManagementAdvanced clinical management programs to achieve the best outcomes, lowest cost of care, and superior patient experience

Patient Experience: We focus on the entire consumer experience, addressing consumer demands through each interaction with the organization; develop a shared vision for service excellence and associated consumer experience strategy upon which all future improvement efforts are based

Provider Experience: Chartis engages physicians and other providers as active, accountable partners in all important organizational initiatives, fully integrate physician leaders into organizational leadership team and identify and address contributors to provider burnout

What We Offer

Clinical Management

  • Enterprise Care Management
  • Enterprise Quality 
  • Clinical Variation Management 
  • Care Model Design 
  • Population Health Services 
  • Value-based Care Programs 
  • Utilization Management 
  • Complex Disease Management

Performance Improvement

  • Financial Improvement
  • Medical Group Optimization 
  • Clinical and Operational Performance (ER, OR, ICU, etc.) 
  • Merger Integration 
  • Service Line Performance 
  • APP & Coverage Models 
  • Primary Care 
  • Provider Experience 
  • Facility Activation Planning

Patient Engagement and Access

  • Primary and Specialty Care Ambulatory Access
  • Inpatient Access 
  • Enterprise Access 
  • Service Centers 
  • Network Distribution and Design 
  • Capacity Utilization and Management 
  • Patient and Family Engagement 
  • Physician Referral Management

Revenue Realization

  • Revenue Cycle Ecosystem Assessment and Transformation
  • Third Party Vendor Rationalization 
  • Revenue Cycle Coaching and Best Practice Strategy Development 
  • Operational Readiness 
  • Revenue Cycle System Strategy, Selection, Implementation, and Program Review 
  • Automation/Robotics


  • Stacy Melvin

    Stacy Melvin
    Director, Performance Practice Leader
    Stacy Melvin is a Director with The Chartis Group and Leader of its Performance Practice Area. Ms. Melvin has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare provider industry, and is a nationally recognized expert in operations design and performance improvement, healthcare information technology, and activation and transition planning for new facilities.

    Pamela Damsky

    Pamela Damsky
    Director, Service Line Planning
    Pamela Damsky is a Director at The Chartis Group and leads Service Line Planning. Ms. Damsky has almost 30 years of healthcare experience, the majority in advisory services. She brings deep expertise in organizational strategy, alignment, clinical transformation and performance improvement to help organizations succeed today and tomorrow.

  • Ann Edwards

    Ann Edwards
    Director, Enterprise Performance Improvement
    Ann Edwards is a Director and Enterprise Performance Improvement Practice Leader with The Chartis Group. Ms. Edwards has over 30 years of industry leadership and consulting experience. Her areas of expertise include: organizational design; improvement and effectiveness; financial optimization and strategy and pre- and post-merger integration activities.

    Melissa D. McCain

    Melissa D. McCain
    Director, Clinical Management, Patient Engagement and Access
    Melissa McCain is a Director with The Chartis Group, leading its Clinical Management, and Patient Engagement and Access practices. For more than 20 years, she has advised leading health systems and AMCs. She counsels executives on the development and successful execution of operational strategy to support organizational economic and mission sustainability.

  • Mark J. Werner, MD

    Mark J. Werner, MD
    Director, Clinical Consulting, Physicians and CPLI
    Dr. Werner is a Director with The Chartis Group leading Clinical Consulting and the Chartis Physician Leadership Institute. Dr. Werner brings over 25 years of experience providing transformational healthcare leadership in physician alignment and engagement, medical group performance, innovation and the translation of strategy into clinical operations.

    Stephanie Hines

    Stephanie Hines
    Performance Practice Area Manager
    Stephanie Hines is the Practice Manager for The Chartis Group’s Performance practice area. Ms. Hines’ work is focused on helping healthcare delivery organizations transform their systems of care and sustainably improve key clinical, operational and financial outcomes.