Health systems now view digital transformation as a strategic imperative. They believe it drives value, advances care models, and helps them remain competitive while improving care delivery.

In our 2024 survey, health system executives share their digital transformation impacts, challenges to achieving their digital goals, and progress on hospital at home and artificial intelligence programs.

Most health systems have already made substantial technology investments, and more than half plan to increase those investments this year. The focus now must shift to demonstrating value and realizing the return on those investments.

Market leaders will prioritize digital solutions that align with their organization’s strategic goals—and gain meaningful value as a result. Those investing in an ad hoc fashion will likely fall behind. And as the pace of technological advancement continues to accelerate, they will need to take a more considered approach to their investments in transformation.

Otherwise, they’ll risk playing catch-up for the foreseeable future.

“As the market accelerates its digital progress, time is of the essence to improve transformation efforts…and demonstrate real value from investments.”

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