Our new survey looking at what healthcare will be like in 5 years makes it clear that the next point in the race toward digital transformation will be what differentiates health systems from their growing ranks of competitors. That next point? Personalization.

Health system executives report that while the majority of organizations (79%) are in the planning stages for digital transformation presently, nearly half of organizations (46%) expect that they will be in implementation stages within 5 years. At the same time, health systems should expect that emerging rivals will increasingly make disruptive plays to compete where traditional healthcare organizations have dominated.

Hospitals and health systems say they expect to respond to these new rivals by building their digital infrastructures and portfolios of initiatives while concurrently looking for opportunities to partner in the personalization of those digital offerings. The key differentiation won’t be in whether hospitals and health systems are delivering personalized care but how they are doing so.

Speed, focus, and an enterprise-wide transformation process driven by ROI will be essential as healthcare providers transition their leadership position in the historical context into a differentiated and enduring leadership position in the digitally transformed—and personalized—future state of healthcare delivery.

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