Health Equity & Belonging

Accelerating the Promise of Health Equity

Health inequity is embedded in our communities. A problem centuries in the making, it is incredibly complex. But solving it is not impossible. The Chartis Center for Health Equity & Belonging is focused on creating a liberated healthcare system free of bias, discrimination, and disparities—resulting in equitable health for all.


Belonging in Health and Healthcare

People have an 'inherent' desire and need to belong. This human experience is true for healthcare consumers and those who treat them. Both are important stakeholders in advancing health equity and belonging (the intersection of equity + diversity + inclusion).

Healthcare organizations must chart a new course and collaborate with multi-sector partners to create a society and healthcare system that gives employees a sense of inclusiveness, consumers a sense of trust, and everyone a fair and just opportunity to achieve optimal health.

The Chartis Center for Health Equity & Belonging is here to help build a just healthcare system that is fair, impartial, and representative of its community—creating a healthier world for all.

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