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Over the course of 2022, Chartis set out to create a repository of health equity and belonging-focused content to help healthcare organizations navigate and untangle the complicated issues at the root of this centuries-old problem. The content draws from the personal experience, client work, and decades of professional experience from our top health equity experts.

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A Successful Health Equity Journey Starts with Understanding Where You Are and Where You Need to Go

Even as healthcare leaders embrace health equity as an urgent goal, figuring out how to undo the complex web of systems responsible for America’s serious health disparities is daunting. The work will take years of commitment, and getting started requires a thoughtful roadmap to implement an effective strategy.

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If Cultivating Health Equity Requires a Full Ecosystem, What’s Your Organization’s Role?

Achieving health equity is complicated, and it isn’t something that healthcare organizations can do entirely on their own. Instead, it requires dynamic collaboration—an ecosystem in which payers, providers, community organizations, policy and advocacy groups, and other entities work together to effect change.

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