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COVID-19 continues to spread globally, overwhelming ICU and health system capacity. Just as you are rapidly responding to the threats of COVID-19, the Chartis team is developing perspectives to address the questions we are hearing from our provider clients. We are also curating valuable COVID-19 resources from other organizations. Let us help you with strategies you can deploy rapidly to serve patients and ensure the health of your organization.

After the Surge: Five Health System Imperatives in the Age of COVID-19

In times of crisis, it is often challenging to look beyond the emergency at hand. However, in the post-COVID-19 surge landscape, health systems have no choice. Here we summarize the current market state and highlight five imperatives that health systems must successfully navigate in the new reality.

Technology’s Role in Achieving Health System Imperatives in the Age of COVID-19

For weeks, CIOs and their teams have supported their health systems in preparing for and combating the COVID-19 pandemic. As many look beyond the initial surge, CIOs face a new stage of challenges as they consider how to best leverage technology to help their organizations survive and ultimately thrive in the “new normal."

Telehealth: Current
Trends and Long-Term Implications

The Chartis Group and Kythera Labs have brought together a team of data scientists, visualization experts and industry thought leaders to develop the Telehealth Adoption Tracker, an advanced analytic tool designed to measure how COVID-19 has driven rapid telehealth adoption across the country.

Building Back the
Balance Sheet in the
Age of COVID-19

Health system leaders who act quickly have an opportunity to be proactive in this next phase of the crisis and build back the balance sheet. Resizing the enterprise to new volumes, restructuring costs, realigning operations and establishing the right infrastructure to support and monitor change will be required to return margin.

Listen to the Webinar Recording:
COVID-19’s Impact on Independent Hospitals

Listen to our webinar with Epstein Becker & Green and FocalPoint Partners where we discussed how to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 uncertainty and intensifying levels of clinical, operational and financial risk for independent hospitals.

COVID-19 Impact on
Behavioral Health: Essential Focus on the Frontline Worker

With a growing acknowledgement of the longevity of COVID-19, the workforce will need ongoing support as they try to cope with the anticipated peaks and valleys of the curve, which will continue until there is an effective treatment or vaccine.

Elective Surgical and
Procedural Services

Many of the nation’s hospitals are in a significant financial downturn due to reductions in elective surgeries. Health systems must consider these 10 actions to bring elective procedures back in a way that prioritizes safety of the patients and hospital staff.

Cancer and COVID-19:
Preparing for What
Comes Next

In this paper, we highlight what we are hearing from the front lines of cancer care and provide three practical considerations for the immediate and longer-term future as cancer care emerges reshaped by COVID-19.

Physician Compensation Considerations Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the moment of pandemic crisis, it is unwise to implement fundamental changes to physician compensation models. However, some considerations and short-term actions are warranted and necessary. Health systems, medical groups and faculty practices should consider four essential steps.

COVID-19 Impact on Behavioral Health: Collaborative Care is an Essential Solution

To address the increased demand for behavioral healthcare, primary care practices should adopt evidence-based models, such as collaborative care, that integrate primary and behavioral healthcare.

Preparing for a Post-COVID-19 World: Key Considerations for Academic Health Systems

While it is difficult to see past the current morass when in the middle of such an overwhelming crisis, some members of each AHS’s leadership team should be thinking about necessary actions to help the enterprise move forward and be prepared to act decisively when, or even before, the COVID-19 situation begins to improve.

The Rural Health Safety Net: Understanding the Potential Impact of COVID-19

In this new analysis, The Chartis Center for Rural Health explores key factors in assessing the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the rural health safety net, including access to intensive care unit beds, the reliance on outpatient service revenues and rural provider days cash on hand.

Board Roles in a
Time of Crisis

The Chartis Group, Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, and McDermott Will & Emery provide valuable insights for optimizing the role of the board in the midst of COVID-19.

Optimizing APP Deployment to Address COVID-19: Five Key Tactics to Get It Done

Leaders need to think broadly about the capabilities of their clinicians and staff to respond to COVID-19 capacity issues. One group primed for elevation and expansion of role is advanced practice providers (APPs).

COVID-19: Cash Management
Strategies to Implement


Maximizing cash flow at this critical time is a priority. A targeted effort focused on cash acceleration and conservation can help organizations get through this time of severe financial strain.

COVID 19: Four Approaches to Addressing Behavioral Health Impacts

The stress and uncertainty created by COVID-19 will drive increased demand for behavioral health services. Providers must be prepared to support increased needs for services as well as the mental and emotional health of their own workforce.

COVID-19: Three Critical Questions to Address on Ambulatory Care

There is an influx of visits from patients who suspect they may have COVID-19, and a decrease in all other visits as patients are unwilling to use health system facilities for fear of infection or a desire to minimize their interactions in the community. The shift in ambulatory care demand begs three questions for ambulatory care leadership.

Robots, Chatbots, AI: Accelerating Virtual Health Capabilities for COVID-19

COVID-19 has shifted health systems’ expansion of virtual health from an “optional” or longer-term play to an immediate and crucial priority. By taking this vital step, health systems leaders will help contain COVID-19 exposure in healthcare settings and expand capacity for non-COVID-19 patients to ensure they do not get crowded out.

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