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An integrated provider network management lifecyle drives success and satisfaction

We help you close gaps, improve processes, and modernize systems to enable growth, improve access and equity, and strengthen relationships.

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Cultivating a high-performing provider network for better performance, experience, and growth

While payers recognize the importance of provider network management (PNM), they often struggle with capability gaps; manual, non-standardized processes; disconnected teams; and obsolete, siloed systems. These challenges drive up administrative costs, delay enrollments, lengthens claims processing, and decrease data accuracy. 

To enhance the PNM process, payers need to shift from siloed operations to an integrated provider lifecycle approach. Health plans that prioritize PNM as a function and adopt a long-term provider data management strategy will enable network growth, improved member satisfaction, equitable health outcomes, better access to care, stronger provider relationships and satisfaction, and interventions to facilitate alternative payment models.

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