The Client Challenge

An internationally renowned pediatric research institution and hospital had made repeated efforts to unlock sustainable, strategic value from analytics to advance operational excellence, improve outcomes, and further catalyze scientific discovery and treatment innovation. However, prior initiatives had inconsistent success and lacked the enterprise-wide focus and structure needed for sustainable, continual advancement of analytics performance.

  • Alignment with and focus on enterprise priorities
  • Trusted, accessible, and understood data that drives informed decisions
  • Institution-wide ownership of and accountability for data quality
  • Self-sufficiency with and optimal use of analytics technology and resources
  • Ability to meet current analytics demand and develop capabilities for future needs

Navigating to Next: The Solution

Chartis evaluated the current state of analytics across multiple core capabilities, including data management, the analytics program, and analytics delivery. This approach enabled the organization to look beyond technical solutions to address organizational root causes behind data and analytics challenges.

The assessment surfaced barriers to analytics success, including underdeveloped program governance, isolated teams operating with minimal coordination, limited accountability for data quality, and inconsistent engagement from operational stakeholders.

Chartis partnered with organizational leadership and analytics stakeholders to develop an enterprise-wide strategy and vision for analytics, including priority initiatives in data management, program operations, and analytics distribution. Chartis then helped the organization define a high-impact initiative to achieve immediate value while laying the foundation for high-performing analytics. Chartis also worked closely with the organization to establish a program structure, leadership model, data governance norms, and related processes to drive analytics excellence.

Navigating to Next: Key Components

Data Management


Ensure oversight and understanding of data resources, including data sources, collections, and flows; architecture and models; definitions and governance; and access and security.



Establish leadership and management of data and analytics resources, including alignment with clinical, operational, and strategic initiatives.



Formalize oversight of techniques to deliver analytics outputs, including end-user collaboration and self-service methods.

Client Impact

Through Chartis’ engagement, the organization defined a future-state analytics roadmap focused on technical sustainability and business-led, IT-enabled program governance.

The organization implemented a clinical operations dashboard that generated immediate value through actionable insights. They implemented a new data platform and data governance to ensure data management and integrity at scale. And they established program governance to align analytics initiatives
with enterprise strategy and track program performance measures, such as stakeholder experience and value realization. These activities created the essential foundation for an analytics program that could meet both present and future institutional needs.

Robust program governance supported an operational dashboard that generated immediate value:
97 %

reduction in time for end-user access to data, along with enhanced self-service ability

60 +

operational and executive-level end users gained improved access to key metrics


key institutional metrics defined, developed, and certified

How We Are Making Healthcare Better

Even after years of investment, most health systems struggle to obtain data-driven insights. We help clients create a customized analytics program strategy that overcomes key pain points and meets immediate and future analytics needs. ”

Carl Dolezal

Next Intelligence

Harnessing data and analytics as a strategic enabler demands that organizations commit to an enterprise programmatic approach. The approach should ensure data and analytics activities are:
  • Aligned across the organization to drive broader strategic imperatives.
  • Managed at a holistic level from data management to analytics delivery.
  • Driven by representative governance and facilitate by focused leadership.

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