Pan-Asian Affinity Group

Chartis’ Pan-Asian affinity group celebrates the rich cultures and values of our Pan-Asian colleagues while supporting their career development and promoting health equity for all.

Pan-Asian Affinity Group
Pan-Asian Affinity Group

Celebrating the Cultures and Values of Our Pan-Asian Colleagues

The Pan-Asian Affinity Group’s mission is to celebrate and empower the Pan-Asian community by creating an inclusive, just, and equitable workplace and by standing in solidarity against racial inequity and discrimination in all forms. We aim to foster mentorship and professional development opportunities for our Pan-Asian colleagues, partner with HR to support recruitment and networking to increase firm diversity, and work with clients to implement strategies that promote health equity for all. 

Core Focus Pillars

Contract & Network Management

Mentorship & Development

Pan-Asian Chartis Connect works with recruiting and leadership across the firm to foster mentorship and professional development opportunities.

Access & Referral Management

Recruitment and Networking

Pan-Asian Chartis Connect supports activities that increase firm diversity and networking with other healthcare organizations.

Investing in Equitable Outcomes

Awareness and Advocacy

Pan-Asian Chartis Connect builds allyship, educates, and implements strategies to promote health equity.

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