Achieving Greater Equity in Healthcare

Our mission is to materially improve healthcare delivery. We are dedicated to ridding healthcare disparities by addressing structural racism and health inequity.


Our Approach to Anti-Racism

We aim to double the representation of URM colleagues at all levels of Chartis by the end of 2024. We are strengthening our recruiting program and talent platform to support the development and advancement of our URM colleagues.

Expand Firm Work to Address Anti-Racism, Health Inequities, and Health Disparities

We work with clients to achieve greater equity in healthcare. We create thought leadership on health disparities, defining key metrics to measure progress.

We practice our anti-racism and DE&I commitments in our culture, work environment, organizational structure, and accountability model. We continually strengthen our firm discourse, training, and engagement opportunities.

Collaborate With Other Organizations on Efforts to Address Anti-Racism, Health Inequities, and Health Disparities

We are building a healthcare provider affinity network dedicated to addressing health disparities, sharing best practices, and providing industry thought leadership.

Create Thought Leadership to Advance Efforts in Addressing Anti-Racism, Health Inequities, and Health Disparities

Develop thought leadership with a focus on translating concepts into action.

Health Equity
Data & Analysis

Leading While Black: Addressing Social Justice and Health Disparities

What will it take for healthcare organizations to promote social justice and reduce healthcare disparities in the communities they serve? What can we all do together to reduce healthcare disparities in our communities? This report sheds light on the answers to these questions by integrating the perspectives of 11 Black healthcare leaders with the findings from published reports and our original research. 

Health Equity Insights

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