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LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect works to create an inclusive workplace and supports the growth and success of our LGBTQIA+ community.

LGBTQIA Chartis Connect

Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment for LGBTQIA+ Colleagues and Allies

LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect's mission is to remove workplace barriers for all sexual orientations, gender identities, and allies, working together to achieve health equity for all. We aim to foster continuous education around healthcare disparities, help our clients identify underlying issues and form care models for LGBTQIA+ communities, partner with locally-identified organizations to serve surrounding communities, and align HR processes with LGBTQIA+ needs to promote an inclusive work environment.

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LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect aims to collaborate with colleagues and hold crucial conversations inside and outside our firm, navigating issues around sexual identity and/or orientation and establishing an LGBTQIA+ library with provider and counseling resources.

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LGBTQIA Chartis Connect fosters continuous education around LGBTQIA+ healthcare disparities and solutions to improve equity.

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LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect aims to help Chartis leaders identify the underlying issues our clients face and form care models for LGBTQIA+ communities.

Clinical Outcomes & Reliability


LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect partners with locally identified organizations to serve surrounding communities through volunteering and fundraising.

Academic, Organizational, & Economic Alignment


LGBTQIA+ Chartis Connect aligns HR Processes with LGBTQIA+ needs to promote equitable coverage and foster an inclusive work environment.

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