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State of the Healthcare Workforce: From Struggling to Thriving

Addressing today’s healthcare workforce crisis means making both operational overhauls and fundamental, system-wide cultural changes. At the same time, provider organizations need immediate steps and solutions. In this collection, we bring both into focus.

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How to Revitalize the Healthcare Workforce

Turning the Crisis on its Head: How to Revitalize the Healthcare Workforce for Today and the Future

A Roundtable Discussion: While the healthcare workforce crisis has reached a painful intensity, that very crisis also has produced an opportunity to fundamentally transform how healthcare organizations cultivate their workforce—not only for resilience but also ongoing vitality.

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Mitigating Healthcare Labor Shortages, Even Before They Happen, with Tim Barger

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted healthcare organizations nationwide to think more strategically about workforce strategies, including interim staffing solutions. A contingent workforce strategy can help organizations navigate these labor challenges with greater ease and minimal operational disruption.

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