The cost of cancer care is quickly becoming the most critical issue in the oncology industry. From a macro level, cancer spend threatens to consume the budgets of governmental payers and other purchasers. On a personal level, the cost of cancer care frequently exceeds median US household income, doubles a patient’s risk of bankruptcy and—worst still—often leads to treatment avoidance.

The question of how to reign in these costs has been a vexing challenge for the cancer industry.  

In 2024, we are tracking a few key trends and dynamics slated to make an impact in oncology, including alternative payment models, continued consolidation, and scaling of value-based cancer care (VBCC). 

“The current moment is a critical one for providers, their corporate partners, and payers to become fluent in the language of VBCC and demonstrate an ability to bend the cancer cost curve through innovative care models, digital tools, and alignment of incentives and shared risk.” 

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