Chartis Center for Rural Health

Improving the Delivery of Care
Across Rural America

The rural health safety net is under pressure. Rural communities face socioeconomic disadvantages and greater health disparities while having less access to primary, dental, and mental healthcare at the median. At the same time, many rural providers struggle with negative operating margins, uncertainty, and the unintended consequences of various policies.

The Chartis Center for Rural Health (CCRH) offers an unparalleled value proposition to rural health leaders and those advocating on their behalf. Pairing iVantage Health Analytics’ extensive knowledge of rural healthcare, its research and solution portfolio with the expertise and resources of The Chartis Group, the CCRH provides the insight and solutions needed to address providers’ biggest challenges and drive performance improvement.

iVantage maintains the largest database of proprietary rural hospital performance data in the country for financial and operational performance improvement. Today, the Hospital Strength INDEX® compares hospitals across a continuum of financial, value based and market-driven indicators to provide a unique lens into their performance. Each year, top performers are recognized as a benchmark for other rural facilities as they strive to achieve similar results and provide a blueprint for successfully navigating the uncertainty of the new healthcare.

The Chartis Center for Rural Health offers advisory services and tools built to advance rural strategy and performance in key areas.


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