Health Equity Diagnostic and Strategic Roadmap

Setting a Clear Path to Health Equity
Health Equity Diagnostic

A Framework to Make Healthcare Better for All

Today’s increased focus on health inequities has ignited a drive toward more equitable healthcare for your patients and community, but there are systemic, multi-faceted obstacles making it difficult to develop a meaningful plan of action. Our health equity advisors work with you to untangle the complex, interconnected issues at the heart of health inequities.  

We help leading healthcare organizations jumpstart their transformational journey with a 90-to-120-day Health Equity Diagnostic Assessment and Strategic Roadmap. During this process, we listen and gain an understanding of your organization and community’s unique needs, challenges, and opportunities. We then help you identify key areas of change, define the business case, map your health equity journey, and align your efforts for the greatest gains in quality, experience, and cost.

Working closely with your Board, CEO, and executive team, we galvanize stakeholders around a compelling health equity agenda, develop a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals, and define measures of success for your organization.

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