The Client Challenge

A suburban community health system worked tirelessly to integrate network assets and harness the value of its system to provide the best care for its community. However, larger community and academic institutions in a nearby metropolitan area began expanding into the suburbs, creating increased pressure on the suburban system. To maintain a competitive advantage and remain their patients’ first choice for care, they prioritized consumer access transformation.

  • Evolving consumer expectations
  • Value-based reimbursement models
  • Reliance on community-provider relationships
  • Growth objectives

Navigating to Next: The Solution

A group of health system leaders teamed with Chartis to develop a comprehensive strategy and supporting roadmap that built upon its work already in process. In addition to improving access for patients and referring providers in the short-term, the strategy aimed to position the system for long-term competitive advantage.

Chartis assessed the competitive landscape, referring provider needs and consumer preferences. Infrastructure, including digital enablement, leadership and governance models, and supporting technology was also examined.

The team co-developed a shared language that articulated the vision and complementary performance standards to advance access performance. The identification and prioritization of focused market-facing strategies, internal capabilities, and required change management and communication plans augmented the formation of a practical roadmap. Risk mitigation strategies addressed potential challenges to enable long-term success.

Navigating to Next: Key Components

Case Study - Disjointed to Refreshingly Easy


Evaluate consumer preferences, industry trends, and competitive position

Case Study - Disjointed to Refreshingly Easy


Review current access operations and performance

Case Study - Disjointed to Refreshingly Easy


Create shared language for vision

Case Study - Disjointed to Refreshingly Easy


Construct actionable improvement strategies and implementation roadmap

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Drive execution and accountability through leadership, performance metrics, and governance

Client Impact

Equipped with a powerful vision aligned with operational, digital, and service-based strategies, the health system is actively working to advance its marketplace position. The path forward includes the development of a variety of options to meet the needs of a diverse set of consumers and the ability to respond nimbly to competitor moves, measure performance, and address gaps in a timely manner. A consumer-centric culture embedded into the organization is a fundamental requirement for achieving its future state.

Expected key performance targets:
Case Study - Disjointed to Refreshingly Easy

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How We Are Making Healthcare Better

A well-defined access vision and strategy rooted in consumer needs and preferences, and supported by an actionable roadmap, is a critical first step to transform access and positively impact consumer experience and clinical outcomes. ”

Melissa McCain

Next Intelligence

Transforming access can be achieved through a strategic roadmap that focuses on:
  • Leadership: Strong leadership commitment to ensure progress
  • Cultural Alignment: Change management at all levels to encourage widespread adoption
  • Operational Change: Well-coordinated people, process, and technology improvements across the system

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