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Achieving High Reliability in a Complex World

Delivering on the essential promise of healthcare—helping people at their most vulnerable—demands sustained, top-tier clinical performance—from the C-suite to healthcare providers to admins and orderlies. But clinical performance is continually challenged by the ever-growing complexity of care delivery. And those complexities can lead to an over-burdened, misaligned, variable-prone organization.

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Our Mission Is to Materially Improve Patient Safety, Quality, and Outcomes

At Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions, we work with clients to overcome complex challenges to top-tier performance by developing and implementing streamlined clinical care processes, people, structures, and tools. This enables our clients to keep patients safe in a resilient, evolving environment, allows doctors to practice at the apex of their craft, and advances physician leadership to conquer the unremitting complexity of care delivery.

The result? Hospitals transform from fair to good, from good to great, from great to sustainably excellent.

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Patient Safety and Clinical Quality

We help clients implement an approach to patient safety and high reliability care that builds off the hospital’s core care delivery platform, is resilient, and can constantly evolve.

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Medical Staff Services Optimization

We work with clients to ensure the medical staff is supported through high performing structures and processes so they can deliver the safest and most reliable care consistently.

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Physician Leadership: Education, Alignment, and Advancement

We advise on practice alignment and integration at the medical group, service line, and organizational levels as the healthcare industry moves toward a more tightly managed, highly reliable care delivery model.

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Workforce Solutions

We help clients achieve operational continuity and advance critical initiatives by providing just-in-time access to highly skilled, professionally vetted leaders and staffers.

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