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From The Chartis Group and Kythera Labs

The Chartis Group and Kythera Labs have brought together a team of data scientists, visualization experts and industry thought leaders to develop the Telehealth Adoption Tracker, an advanced analytic tool designed to measure how COVID-19 has driven rapid telehealth adoption across the country. The Telehealth Adoption Tracker allows a user to analyze how geographies and specialties have been impacted by the rapid switch to telehealth over time.

Our interactive tool allows users to filter by geographic and market level dimensions–exploratory functionality is available throughout the dashboard to isolate to segments of interest. Data will be refreshed on a routine basis as we continue to monitor and track telehealth adoption and its impact on the healthcare ecosystem.

Telehealth Adoption Tracker - Chartis + Kythera
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Telehealth Adoption Steadying Toward a New Normal Rate

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the long-term role of telehealth as a permanent fixture of care delivery models is starting to crystalize. While we have seen fluctuations in the overall adoption of telehealth (primarily video visits*), which has largely tracked with the initial surge and subsequent spikes in COVID-19 cases, providers are beginning to realize that telehealth is not a mere backup plan to revert to only during the pandemic. Sustained adoption well above pre-pandemic levels are likely to persist — and even grow — as providers increasingly leverage telehealth capabilities as a means not only to operationally survive but to competitively thrive.

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Chartis and Kythera Labs are continuing to monitor telehealth adoption and utilization across the US and post our weekly Telehealth Adoption Tracker to enable drill-down analysis of specific markets. View previous telehealth adoption insights — including the 6 key areas of telehealth adoption trends over the first full year of the pandemic.

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