Leaders from numerous academic health centers (AHCs) discussed the profound transformational opportunities of digital technologies in healthcare at the most recent Blue Ridge Academic Health Group meeting. 

Advanced digital health technologies have the potential to transform how care is delivered. Harnessing these new tools and approaches will be crucial for AHCs to remain at the forefront of patient care, innovation, education, and research. These new approaches can help AHCs to: 

  • Expand access and reach a broader patient population.
  • Transform care models to increase efficiency while improving quality and outcomes. 
  • Alleviate staffing challenges and facilitate care model efficiencies. 
  • Optimize business operations. 

This Blue Ridge report spotlights several cutting-edge innovations underway at AHCs and other healthcare providers—alongside key considerations for adoption, risks and opportunities, and impact. 

“It is clear the power of digital transformation is not in the technology alone, and the sizeable capital investments required will not capture the needed value without accompanying, and often challenging, workflow and role-specific change management efforts that AHCs must make a priority to design, validate, and lead for our nation.”

Read the Report 

Chartis is pleased to have assisted with planning and facilitation of the Blue Ridge Group's annual meetings for more than 10 years. Past reports are available on the Blue Ridge Academic Health Group’s website.

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