The Client Challenge

A large rural health system in the Midwest executed the largest M&A deal in the organization’s history, acquiring seven hospitals, 21 clinics, air and ground transport services, and over 2,300 new team members in 2021. Faced with several surges of COVID-19, acute industry volatility, and numerous competing priorities, they sought to rapidly integrate the new entities and capture value in a non-disruptive manner.

Drivers for Rapid Integration & Value Capture:
  • Leadership accountability

  • Partnership with industry experts

  • Coordinated, critical-path focused approach 

  • Integration-specific KPIs

  • Culture and change management

Navigating to Next: The Solution

To unlock the value of its expanding footprint and integrate the new sites and team members quickly, the health system partnered with The Chartis Group. Chartis created and helmed an “Integration Management Office” to develop and manage the overall integration planning and execution process from end-to-end. Collaborating with 30+ integration teams and serving as the “connective tissue” throughout a comprehensive three-phased approach, Chartis helped leadership focus on the highest-priority activities in an efficient and nimble manner.

  • Phase 1 addressed critical pre-close activities required to complete the transaction and operate successfully on “Day 1” and beyond. 
  • Phase 2 comprised a four-month sprint to rapidly implement the client’s major IT systems at the newly acquired sites. 
  • Phase 3 concentrated on optimizing operations and realizing value from the deal. 

Additional critical areas such as human resources and hospital-specific strategic plans were prioritized and addressed throughout the project. A robust cultural integration and change management strategy was also developed to engage the new team members through various channels/forums and create a sense of belonging.

Navigating to Next: Key Components

Closing Deals


Complete critical pre-close activities

Project Management


Create Integration Management Office

Identify & Prioritize


Design phased integration plan

Case Study - Creation of the Partnership to Fully Integrated


Focus on the high-impact areas first

Drive Cultural Change


Deploy on-demand communication for transitioning and legacy employees

Measure Success


Commit to integration-specific success metrics tied to executive incentives

Client Impact

By embracing a disciplined integration planning approach and targeted critical path, the health system achieved its target close date and IT systems go-live date. Critical initiatives across 30+ integration teams were systematically prioritized and executed through effective management, collaboration, and continuous communication.

Operations at new sites were efficiently integrated and the widespread cultural integration efforts helped the legacy and new team members start to feel like “one”.
17 M+

Identified early savings and near-term value creation opportunities across the new sites

2300 +

New team members integrated


Tailored KPIs developed & tracked

Harrison Burns Headshot
How We Are Making Healthcare Better

By seamlessly integrating into the client’s team through our Integration Management Office, we were able to support the transformation as a true partner. That partnership allowed us to work shoulder-to-shoulder with team members across multiple hospitals and functions. The collaborative spirit and “roll up your sleeves” attitude were the main reasons why the integration was successful, and ultimately, why they’re now able to serve thousands of more patients and families. ”

Harrison Burns

Next Intelligence

Organizations can achieve rapid value capture through:
  • Prioritization & Commitment
    Leadership commitment and weekly integration forums
  • Expert-Led Project Management
    Integration Management Office that marries deep healthcare expertise with project management expertise
  • Cultural Integration
    Leadership-driven comprehensive change management

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