Meet Zainab Aslam, Engagement Manager, Strategic Transformation


Zainab Aslam is based in New York. She loves to cook and organizes classes led by home cooks from around the Muslim world, who share their talents and family stories. Chartis allows Zainab to make a meaningful impact on healthcare.

Why Chartis?

Before Chartis, I was working in an investment bank, and I knew I wanted to pivot mid-career into healthcare. While doing my MBA/Master’s in Public Health, I met someone who worked at Chartis, and I was immediately intrigued. When I joined Chartis, I quickly began working on a wide variety of challenging and impactful projects. When you come in as a consultant, you get two people “assigned” to you – a buddy and someone who is focused on your career development. Both of these people have been critical to my success. It has been a great experience for me. There’s a true sense of support.

Why Consulting?

I have so many learning opportunities on my projects. When there is a new challenge, I can always ask a colleague if they have seen it before. We all learn from each other and take those learnings back to the client. I also love that Chartis has a cadre of physicians on staff — this is unique and brings a level of differentiation to the value we can provide to our clients.

I saw the value of this expertise during a project focused on provider burnout. I was working with a pilot site to help put the right support model in place. The combination of Chartis expertise and physician experience was valuable and brought an important level of empathy to the challenges at hand. I was truly “on the ground” and partnering with the client to come up with creative solutions and a path forward. It is gratifying to support and empower clients to unlock solutions to their long-standing issues and challenges.

Why Healthcare?

Healthcare is a core global value, along with human rights and education. I grew up in a household where beyond my immediate family, everyone lived in Pakistan. I saw their challenges. I studied economics and landed in finance, but Chartis gave me an opportunity to make the kind of impact I really care about through a focus on healthcare.

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