tony boerbon playing guitar

Meet Tony Boerbon, Associate Principal, Digital Transformation

Tony Boerbon is based in Minneapolis. He comes from a musical family and has recently been picking up his guitars more. He is proud to share that his daughter just released her first song.

Why Chartis?

I started my career as a software designer and developer in the Twin Cities. I was shadowing clinicians in the exam room with patients right from the beginning and really enjoyed it. I ended up designing and developing the first laptop-based electronic medical record to be used in exam rooms in the Twin Cities. From there, I went on to work for several large healthcare organizations, helping to integrate systems across multiple environments. I’ve also spent time at large consulting firms. I was looking for something different when I joined Chartis in 2016. It is so much easier to navigate within Chartis compared to the larger firms. I appreciate the approach to working with clients, the focus on thought leadership and the focus on healthcare. Chartis is a natural fit for me.

Why Consulting?

I enjoy building deep client relationships and trust. My first assignment at Chartis was with a small clinic in Portland, Maine. We have now completed five engagements with this client over the last few years and each is increasingly complex and challenging. Our clients trust us. I also enjoy the professional growth, especially around business development. Our teams and methods are very robust — we challenge our clients to advance their thinking.

Why Healthcare?

I didn’t choose healthcare necessarily, it but has been a wonderful fit. Early in my career as a software developer I shadowed clinicians and could see the problems that needed to be fixed. It was as rewarding then as it is today. I still make a point on every engagement to get to the front lines. It makes our work so tangible and real.

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