Catalyzed by greater competition from both traditional and non-traditional healthcare competitors, health systems are increasingly focused on establishing and retaining meaningful consumer relationships. While effective “consumer relationship management” as an enterprise strategy and operating philosophy can yield tangible and sustainable results, many organizations conflate the business process with one of the enabling business process technologies, “CRM.”

In this CxO Insights event, we’ll discuss the common pitfalls many provider organizations experience in the pursuit of game-changing consumer relationship management strategies, and how to ensure alignment of your CRM strategy and technology for optimal impact for your patients, members, providers and other consumers.

Join a group of your health system executive peers, as we discuss how the American healthcare system’s structure and operating models poses unique challenges to the meaningful pursuit of consumer relationship management. We’ll break down the key components of a robust CRM strategy, the strategic impact of fostering a closer relationship between the healthcare system and its “consumers,” and how CRM technologies can unlock scalable opportunities to foster those relationships, drive new revenue opportunities and materially improve health outcomes.

Consumer Relationship Management Is Not Just CRM Webinar Replay

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