Health Systems and Financial Recovery:
A Challenging Balancing Act Ahead

As the COVID-19 pandemic endures, health systems across the country head into the second half of 2020 with margin improvement as a top priority.

The first six months of the year brought the “perfect storm” of financial disruption – loss of elective procedures, reduced patient volumes and increased costs to manage dual systems of care for both COVID and non-COVID patients. Amid the fallout, hospitals face an immediate need to reduce costs by year-end.

The urgent need to respond to the magnitude of recent losses and new economic pressures to invest in maintaining dual systems of care create a complex series of trade-off decisions.

In this report, we highlight key findings from our Financial Recovery Survey and considerations for healthcare provider organizations as they forge ahead into an uncertain future.


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Director, Performance
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Key Findings

Executives say cost reduction is critical to recovering from the initial shutdown and mitigating future uncertainties.

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Financial Recovery Blueprint

by The Chartis Group and Jarrard

A million a day. For a $1 billion health system in the COVID-19 Era, each day that passes means a loss of almost $1 million.

How We Can Help

There's no returning to the financial plan that existed before COVID-19. Today, financial recovery requires bold, immediate actions to position your organization for the future.

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