We Are Recognized as Best in KLAS

With nearly 170 client interviews conducted, Chartis received an overall KLAS client satisfaction score of 94.5—earning recognition as the top Overall Healthcare Management Consulting Firm for the fourth consecutive year.

client impact
client impact
2024 KLAS awards

Chartis Earned 2024 Best in KLAS Award

We believe in a better consulting experience for our clients.  

That’s why Chartis has earned Best in KLAS recognition as the top Overall Healthcare Management Consulting Firm for the fourth consecutive year.  

Chartis also ranked no. 1 in Digital Transformation Consulting for the third consecutive year and no. 1 in Clinical Optimization for the second time. 

Best in KLAS recognition is given to service providers for outstanding efforts to help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. KLAS data and reports represent the combined opinions and experiences of provider and payer organizations comparing how their vendors, products, and/or services perform when measured against client objectives and expectations. 

Best in KLAS - Overall Healthcare Management Consulting  

“Chartis hit a home run on this project. We got exactly what we wanted out of the Chartis team we worked with.” 

- VP/Executive, August 2023

“Chartis has a very specialized capability here. They know this space, they know our industry, and they know our geography. The service has been very valuable to us.” 

- VP/Executive, November 2023



"We went with Chartis because of their deep knowledge in the digital space, ability to be very resident with providers, and ability to be conversant. The firm's ability to speak our language was super important to us.”

- CCO, December 2023 

Best in KLAS - Clinical Optimization

"An outcome of the clinical optimization consulting that Chartis did with us was looking at our overall ambulatory footprint. Chartis made really excellent recommendations, all of which we accepted over time to consolidate that footprint.” 

- COO, May 2023 

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