Transforming the Provider Enterprise
– The Path to Sustainability and Results

As health systems seek to address COVID-19’s economic and patient care challenges, success increasingly hinges on the ability to create high-performing provider enterprises.

The current situation is no longer sustainable. The provider enterprise must be fundamentally redesigned to achieve required financial and operational improvements. Redesign should start by focusing the care model on the types of patients the enterprise expects to serve and adapting delivery to the needs of those patients.

Incremental improvements to business models will not achieve the required degree of change. The entire enterprise needs to be reimagined to achieve a set of core principles and performance requirements, which inform the design of key processes.

In this paper, we outline manageable steps health systems can take now to quickly realize meaningful returns while building the capacity for continued change.


Steve Levin
Director, Academic Health System Segment Leader
[email protected]

Mark J. Werner, MD
Director, Clinical Consulting and Chartis Physician Leadership Institute
[email protected]

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The Path to Sustainability and Results

The care team transformation described in this paper may feel difficult to implement due to the magnitude of change entailed; however, health systems can take manageable steps now to quickly realize meaningful returns while building the capacity for continued change. Specific actions to begin the journey include:

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