Boldly defining the future of healthcare


Boldly defining the future of healthcare

Bold strategies and actions are required to lead in the rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem. Economic realities, persistent disparities, changing consumer expectations, and new forms of competition mean standing still is not an option.

Leading health systems are pivoting quickly to new strategies and operating models to create a next-generation healthcare delivery system and a healthier world. Healthcare providers have the opportunity to reimagine the patient journey and implement new models for delivering care to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all and improve their own market position.

Navigating the healthcare landscape ahead requires a bold and incisive vision, unparalleled expertise and experience, aligned values, and powerful analytics and technology.

Client Impact

Our strategy teams have worked in 46 of the 50 largest U.S. metro areas, providing deep local knowledge and context to inform strategic planning for our clients.

We can help.

Here at Chartis, we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate what’s next — to shape your future and the future of healthcare.

We partner with clients to anticipate what’s next and design strategies that will transform their future and shape the industry. We work collaboratively with industry leaders to define the “art of the possible” by marrying future-state visions with the realities of each organization’s position. We do so by anticipating how the local, national, and global landscape will evolve and creating a forward-looking vision that ties to the practical realities of each organization’s points of differentiation, financial position, organizational culture, and strategic aspirations. We believe that strategic planning must focus not only on what the organization desires to become but also how the organization will achieve this vision and strategic objectives.

As a testament to the meaningful relationships and results we cultivate, 60 percent of our projects over the past three years have been repeat clients seeking additional strategic advisory services. We bring an interdisciplinary team of seasoned executives with the thoughtfulness, experience, and knowledge required to help your leadership develop the vision and path toward effective action and lasting results.

Our key offerings include:

1. Enterprise Strategic Planning

Our enterprise engagement approach ensures strategies are owned and executable by our clients. We work alongside senior executives, physician leaders and boards to craft bold yet actionable enterprise-wide plans, starting with a compelling strategic vision. We identify quantifiable goals and specific initiatives to achieve that overall vision. Our enterprise planning work includes establishing an overall vision and strategic objectives for the role each organization desires to play locally, nationally, internationally, and how this will be achieved. Specific components of the plan may include network development, access strategies, digital strategies, service line planning, faculty practice/medical group alignment, payor and value-based care strategies, financial positioning, capacity planning and optimization, and capital planning.
Learn more about our Provider Enterprise Solutions >

2. Strategic Partnerships and M&A Solutions

Health systems looking to partner with purpose turn to Chartis as a trusted guide to facilitate a successful partnership that allows the participants to sustain and advance their mission. Our team of experienced advisors supports our clients from partnership identification through planning, partnership formation, and integration. That includes developing market strategies for the newly formed organization, modeling robust pro formas, crafting new governance and management models, supporting regulatory processes, as well as developing and executing pre- and post-merger integration plans.

We support partnerships across various channels including traditional health system to health system, health system to medical group, payor-provider, provider-tech, and investor-backed/private equity. Learn more about our Partnership and M&A Solutions >

4. Service Line Planning and Development

We offer a full range of advisory services to help organizations drive growth, financial performance, care model innovation, and quality in service lines and clinical program performance to achieve market differentiation.

Our experience in service line and clinical program planning spans cancer, orthopedics, MSK, cardiac, neurosciences, maternal and child health, women’s health, behavioral health, and primary care, among others.

5. Payor and Value-Based Care Advisory Services

We advise our clients on how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare financing and how to create new streams of revenue, ranging from payor-provider partnerships to direct-to-employer strategies to government program partnerships. We understand what it takes to be successful in a value-oriented model, both in terms of internal clinical and analytical capabilities and infrastructure, as well as market-facing strategies to gain covered lives. We have served both providers and health plans in formulating strategies as well as served as the joint advisor to providers and health plans seeking to create joint ventures. Our partners have practical knowledge of what is required to be successful, having served as executives both in health plans as well as in leading CINs.

Featured Strategy Leaders

Melissa Anderson
Director and Pediatric Segment Leader
[email protected]

Aaron Bujnowski
Director and Integrated Delivery Network Segment Leader
[email protected]

Cindy Lee
Director and Practice Leader
[email protected]

Steve Levin
Director and Practice Leader
[email protected]

Brian Thygesen
Director and Pediatrics Segment Leader
[email protected]

Robert York
Director and Value-Based Care Practice Leader
[email protected]


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