Revenue Cycle


The revenue cycle has not been traditionally viewed as a strategic enterprise imperative for healthcare providers. However, today’s political and regulatory landscapes demand exactly that. To position their organizations for the rapidly evolving healthcare context, providers must pursue a revenue cycle that is fundamentally different from yesterday’s. Establishing an integrated view of the organization’s entire revenue ecosystem is paramount.

Assessing and realigning the underlying drivers of the full revenue ecosystem are critical:

What We Offer

  • Operational Revenue Cycle Improvements
  • Multi-Disciplinary, Programmatic Improvements
  • Enterprise-Wide Improvements Across the Revenue Ecosystem

Who We Serve

  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Institutions
  • Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Physician Enterprises
  • Corporate Enterprises Engaged in the Healthcare Provider Industry
  • Small Community Hospitals


  • Kevin Ormand

    Kevin Ormand
    Director, Revenue Cycle Practice Leader
    Kevin Ormand is a Director with The Chartis Group and leads the Revenue Cycle Practice. He has 20 years of experience working as a leader within provider organizations and with healthcare leadership teams to provide strategic consulting.

  • Glenda Owen

    Glenda Owen
    Glenda Owen is a Principal with The Chartis Group. She is a senior healthcare financial professional with over 30 years of experience in hospital and physician practice revenue cycle operations in integrated healthcare delivery systems.

  • Todd M. Bankhead

    Todd M. Bankhead
    ​Todd M. Bankhead is a Principal with The Chartis Group. He has over 20 years of experience in strategic healthcare leadership roles and is recognized for being able to simultaneously manage complex organizations and diverse environments at start-up, growth and restructure phases.