Partnerships: Mergers, Affiliations and Ventures


Sweeping changes across the healthcare industry have resulted in an accelerated pace of collaboration and integration among traditional and non-traditional partners. A diverse array of partnership models is being employed to achieve the goals of sponsor organizations. Today’s landscape demands a new way of thinking as the rationale for partnerships broadens.

What We Offer

  • Strategic Options Assessment and Scenario Analysis
  • Affiliation Strategy Development and Partnership Evaluation
  • Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services and Transaction Support
  • Multi-Party Partnership Facilitation and Negotiation Support
  • Post-Transaction Integration/Implementation Support
  • Joint Business Planning to Capture the Benefits of the Transaction

Who We Serve

  • Health System-to-Health System Partnerships
  • Health System-to-Physician Partnerships
  • Physician-to-Physician Partnerships
  • Academic Medical Center and Community Hospital Partnerships
  • Children’s Hospital Partnerships with Health Systems and Other Pediatric Providers
  • Service Line Partnerships
  • Provider Network Partnerships
  • Consortium Network Partnerships and Community Collaborations
  • Payor-Provider Partnerships
  • Non-Traditional Partnerships around Specific Capabilities or Services


  • R. Christopher Regan

    R. Christopher Regan
    Managing Director
    R. Christopher Regan is a founding partner and Managing Director of The Chartis Group. He is a leader of the firm’s Strategy practice with a particular focus on health system strategy and mergers and affiliations within academic health centers and regional health systems.

  • Peter Shorett

    Peter Shorett
    Peter Shorett is a Director with The Chartis Group. For more than a decade, he has worked with the nation's top health systems and physician groups leading numerous consulting engagements. Mr. Shorett's areas of expertise include: enterprise strategy, partnerships and affiliations, network development, economic alignment and operational improvement.