Partnerships: Mergers, Affiliations and Ventures


Partnership Offerings

  • Strategic Options Assessment and Scenario Analysis
  • Affiliation Strategy Development and Partnership Evaluation
  • Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services and Transaction Support
  • Multi-Party Partnership Facilitation and Negotiation Support
  • Pre-Close Integration Planning
  • Post-Close Implementation Support
  • Joint Planning and Performance Improvement to Capture the Benefits of the Partnership

Chartis Clients

  • Health System-to-Health System Partnerships
  • Health System-to-Physician Partnerships
  • Physician-to-Physician Partnerships
  • Academic Medical Center and Community Hospital Partnerships
  • Children’s Hospital Partnerships with Health Systems and Other Pediatric Providers
  • Service Line Partnerships
  • Provider Network Partnerships
  • Consortium Network Partnerships and Community Collaborations
  • Payor-Provider Partnerships
  • Non-Traditional Partnerships around Specific Capabilities or Services

Sweeping changes across the healthcare industry have resulted in an accelerated pace of collaboration and integration among traditional and non-traditional partners. A diverse array of partnership models is being employed to achieve the goals of sponsor organizations. Today’s landscape demands a new way of thinking as the rationale for partnerships broadens. Organizations are revisiting who they should partner with, how they partner and what is required to fully realize the value of these partnerships over the near- and longer-term.