We firmly believe that one of the most, if not the most, underutilized assets in the healthcare ecosystem is the healthcare consumer. Healthcare consumers are also heavily influenced by their families and providers (regardless of if the provider is, or is not, employed by or affiliated with the healthcare organization). There is significant opportunity in engaging consumers in their care management processes. A few years ago, discussions with healthcare organizations and at industry conferences on the topic of consumer and patient engagement were aspirational at best. Our clients are now actively invested in ensuring their organizations are planning for and implementing services that will engage the healthcare consumer, providers and the community. Leading organizations are building the foundation for consumer engagement, improving the patient experience and interconnecting the healthcare community. Some examples of progress in the area of the connected community are meaningful and useable information exchange, e-visits, patient self-service, customer relationship management and extending the electronic health record along the care continuum. Chartis can help define the strategy and plan for implementing the people, process and technology changes required.

Informatics and Technology helps our clients address:

  • Health Information Technology and Interoperability
  • Outreach and Extending the Electronic Health Record
  • Telehealth
  • Consumerism and Patient Engagement
  • Patient and Provider Relationship Management