Many in the healthcare industry are just beginning to unlock the value of recent investments in electronic health record implementations via big data and business intelligence tools. At the same time, many healthcare executives are trying to drive their organization’s culture to goal-driven decision making. While many healthcare organizations have the tools needed, they are challenged with effective implementation and application of those tools, and the lynchpin, which is strong data governance. It is easy for stakeholders to be enamored by the newest analytics tools even though many haven’t been fully developed. From a vendor perspective, it is a crowded field with frequent new product announcements and feature enhancements. Many organizations have implemented EHRs with analytic capabilities and are asking good questions about what needs should they satisfy with their core vendor and where do ancillary business intelligence (BI) tools make sense. We help provide answers.

The depth of the tools and cultural changes associated with becoming a data-driven organization requires both business and IT to build new competencies and work together in new ways. Chartis helps clients establish the foundation for building value through analytics.

Informatics and Technology helps clients address their most pressing data and analytics issues:

  • Data Governance and Change Management
  • BI Strategy, Architecture and Selection
  • Analytics and BI Program Management
  • Data Integration
  • Quality, Safety and Analytics
  • Clinical and Financial Decision Support