Informatics and Technology

Informatics & Technology

Transforming healthcare through analytics, informatics, and technology

Informatics & Technology

Transforming healthcare through analytics, informatics, and technology

The technology landscape is constantly evolving. To keep up with what’s next, health systems must harness effective data, analytics, and informatics platforms to deliver intelligent care.

Healthcare's delivery and business models are at the precipice of major change. In the new digital era, the only way forward is through bold, innovative informatics and technology solutions that enable next-generation care models, improve healthcare delivery systems, and drive what’s next for healthcare around the world.

Now more than ever before, clients must ask themselves critical questions about the role technology plays in how they are delivering care, including:

  1. How does technology support efficient and effective operations across clinical and operational dimensions (e.g., EHR, ERP, digital) and external business partners and providers?
  2. How can technology be leveraged to identify, accelerate, and realize sustainable financial improvements?
  3. Do we have the right governance and structure to support IT-enabled transformation and data and analytic needs for source business and clinical decision-making?
  4. What should our technology platform and architecture look like in the coming years to advance market position, enable the evolving care model, and drive outcomes and value?

Client Impact

"Chartis has helped us achieve extraordinary things. They’ve brought bold thinking, incisive leadership and powerful collaboration across numerous strategic initiatives. Most recently, they’ve helped us define a visionary yet pragmatic digital health strategy and deploy the critical EHR and ERP systems foundation for our M&A integration efforts, accelerating value creation."

Tom Gordon
Senior Vice President and CIO
Virtua Health

We can help.

Chartis is an unparalleled partner in healthcare transformation. Together with clients, we plan, implement, and optimize solutions aligned with strategic priorities and across areas most critical to driving business value and creating a healthier world.

Our experience spans across 20 years of strategic planning engagements, IS assessments, and technology-enabled transformation; we bring the insights, support, and expertise needed to help our clients navigate the immense transformation afoot in healthcare and leverage agile, advanced informatics and technology platforms.

Adapting to the changing digital landscape requires five key areas of focus: Clinical informatics and technology, data and analytics, IT operational performance, emerging technology, and business informatics and technology. At Chartis, we work with clients in all five areas to deploy intelligent technology solutions that advance transformational initiatives and bring essential organizational viability and sustainability.

Our capabilities include:

The EHR Ecosystem, Clinical Informatics, and Technology

We help clients leverage the EHR ecosystem, informatics, and performance improvement strategies to achieve superior levels of care delivery performance across all dimensions of cost, quality, outcomes, and satisfaction. We support clients across the EHR lifecycle—system strategy, implementation, clinical transformation, and informatics—and bring a benefits-driven approach focused on organizational strategic priorities, strong partnerships between IS and operations, and a robust operational readiness and change-leadership structure. Learn more about our Provider Enterprise Solutions >

Data & Analytics

Chartis helps client harness the power of data and analytics across the care continuum, transforming information into meaningful, actionable insights to isolate the burning platforms, engage stakeholders, advance performance, and accelerate growth.  We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to address critical success factors needed to create a truly data-driven enterprise, with the agility to rapidly adapt to the continually changing environment.

IT Operational Performance and M&A IT Integration

We help clients ensure IT is a strategic partner to the business and delivers high-impact, high-value results through tight alignment with organizational strategies, cost rationalization, effective IT governance, scalable enterprise architecture, and disciplined portfolio and service management. This includes M&A IT integration, ensuring IT is a “force multiplier” that enables and accelerates value creation.
Learn more about our Partnership and M&A Solutions > type="text/javascript"> hbspt.cta.load(333498, '02925a56-b273-4968-84cc-1b12e1d1587b', {"region":"na1"});

Emerging Technology

We advise clients on technology-enabled innovation to unlock new potential and create enduring strategic advantages. From applying technology to redefine what is possible through sustainable virtual, on-demand access models that change how consumers seek and receive care, to fundamentally redesigning business functions to create lower cost positions through robotic process automation of key administrative functions … and beyond.

The ERP Ecosystem, Business Informatics, and Technology

We help clients leverage the advanced capability, utility, and flexibility of business systems like ERP for improved cost saving and cost management, supply chain management, margin and cost accounting transparency, human capital management and staff satisfaction, and competitive differentiation. We work with clients to fundamentally re-evaluate their operating model, prioritize target benefits, and leverage ERP as a strategic differentiator and ROI generator – all in an accelerated process that doesn’t short-change the intended transformational value.

Featured Informatics & Technology Leaders

Jody Cervenak
Director and Practice Leader
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Gregg Mohrmann
Director and Practice Leader
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Parrish Aharam
[email protected]

Greg Benton
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Craig Schlusberg
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Bob Schwyn
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