Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The healthcare industry’s digital age is upon us and is fundamentally shifting how healthcare is conceived, accessed, experienced and delivered. In the new health economy that is increasingly organized around the consumer, providers must clarify the role they wish to play and determine the steps they should take to transform their enterprise and achieve those goals.

It’s not about ‘doing’ digital, but ‘being’ digital. This is not business as usual—it requires new perspectives, new competencies and new operating models to drive value.

The Chartis Group brings to bear its breadth and depth of expertise across strategy, clinical and administrative operations, revenue cycle, advanced analytics and IT, to partner with our clients to develop and implement enduring and transformative digital strategies for tomorrow, while being grounded in today’s business realities.

Dimensions of Digital Transformation

A healthcare delivery enterprise’s approach to digital transformation must recognize the discrete needs of the populations it serves and the need to engage healthcare constituents beyond traditional modes. This requires thoughtful planning, outlining strategies and tactics across four discrete dimensions of digital transformation, each with material business model implications. Furthermore, it requires disciplined management and execution—balancing near-term needs with long-term planning—tied to interim and long-term performance metrics.

Our Offerings:

Chartis understands the complexities of care delivery and is uniquely positioned to help you chart a path for your digital future and support you on that journey. We have a portfolio of offerings to meet your digital transformation needs:


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