Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Integrating digital to transform care delivery and consumer experience

Digital Transformation

Integrating digital to transform care delivery and consumer experience

The accelerating pace of change brought about by the healthcare industry’s digital transformation has fostered a paradigm shift in the competitive landscape, requiring care delivery enterprises to adopt forward-looking digital strategies and solutions that overcome historical barriers to change and unlock value in new ways.

The accelerated digitally driven shift in care delivery, demand for a consumer-centric experience, and pandemic-propelled pressures have made digital transformation an essential and existential requirement for stakeholders across the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

Traditional healthcare delivery enterprises have taken dramatic steps to launch innovative digital solutions but often find these efforts falling short of both consumer and provider expectations. Leading health systems are reshaping their business models to center on the consumer in a converging — and increasingly competitive — healthcare marketplace. They are capitalizing on new perspectives, competencies, and operating models to drive enduring strategic differentiation.

Client Impact

Our Digital Team has worked with dozens of leading healthcare providers, helping to turn transformational ideas into practical, measurable operational reality that changes the way consumers and providers interact.

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Digital transformation requires two equally essential components: A technology-forward, break-the-rules perspective and an unrivaled understanding of the industry’s underlying strategic, operational, financial, and cultural tenets at play. Only Chartis brings both.

We converge our breadth and depth of healthcare expertise across strategy, clinical and administrative operations, revenue cycle, advanced analytics, and IT with innovative and provocative applications of technology and business model redesign that have been proven across other leading, digitally transformed industries. The combination of these capabilities allows us to develop and implement enduring digital strategies for tomorrow grounded in today’s business, clinical, and economic realities.

Chartis helps healthcare delivery organizations develop an individualized and unique approach to digital transformation — one that both meets the discrete needs of the populations they serve and is suited for the economic context in which they operate. We partner with our clients to define thoughtful, pragmatic enterprise transformation agendas that outline and prioritize specific strategies and tactics across distinct dimensions of digital transformation. We deliver disciplined management and execution, balancing near-term business needs with long-term strategic requirements tied to clear and impactful performance metrics.

Our key offerings include:

  • Enterprise Digital Strategy

  • Healthcare is undergoing an industry-wide digital transformation, which has only been accelerated as healthcare providers grapple with their response to COVID-19. Chartis partners with healthcare delivery organizations in the creation of their enterprise digital strategy. We identify key digital priorities aligned to broader enterprise objectives and develop impactful, actionable plans that best position our clients to establish and maintain strategic differentiation.

  • Digital Business Case Development

  • Pursuing digital transformation requires robust analytically based business plans that establish clear, measurable, and actionable priorities and accountabilities. Chartis brings unrivaled depth and breadth of experience to these efforts. The business cases we deliver motivate concerted action, grounded in organizational, operational, and market realities.

  • Digital Governance & Program Management

  • Effective digital transformation requires healthcare organizations to think and operate fundamentally differently. They must rise above the context of traditional operational silos, encompassing departments as wide-ranging as clinical operations, IT, finance, revenue cycle, legal, and facilities. To succeed, organizations need to establish clear, empowered governance for their enterprise digital transformation. This governance must be bolstered by accountable operating structures, include entirely new skills and capabilities, and be responsible for developing and delivering enterprise business plans related to digital transformation. Chartis supports clients in this transition, developing the optimal models to fit their organization’s culture and position, and identifying the types of resources needed to successfully achieve transformation objectives.

  • Digital Solutions Deployment

  • The digital solutions we help clients deploy include:

    Digital Service Centers: For most healthcare organizations, phone calls represent their primary point of consumer contact, yet service centers are costly, inefficient, and a major driver of consumer dissatisfaction. Chartis assists providers with the creation of comprehensive service center digitization plans that reduce cost while simultaneously enhancing the consumer and patient experience.

    Digital Self-Service and the Digital Front Door: A vast majority of consumers utilize digital channels to gather information and access care. To meet consumer needs and expectations, a digital consumer experience centered on a cohesive approach to self-service and pre-service is essential. Chartis helps clients develop this digital “front door” to their organizations, defining the approach to digital access and ongoing engagement through three key domains: web search, owned websites and portals, and payor/employer portals. Streamlining and seamlessly integrating these channels is essential to growth and market differentiation.

    Digital-Forward Care Models: Healthcare delivery will always have a physical, hands-on component as part of its offering. But care models will increasingly become digitally forward in terms of both how patients first interact with caregivers and how ongoing, proactive, longitudinal care is provided. Chartis partners with our clients to define and effectively incorporate digital modalities into distinct patient care journeys for each type of care, facilitating optimal health outcomes. At the same time, we also explicitly develop granular plans to address critical operational and financial considerations.

    Hospital at Home: Clinical sites of care are changing as a result of emerging digital capabilities. One of the most impactful areas of impending change will be the emergence of the home as an essential setting for care delivery. Chartis helps organizations not only operationally stand up essential care at home capabilities, but also develop their clinical deployment plans. These plans align clinical delivery guidelines with financial and operational deployment requirements to ensure a safe and financially viable hospital at home solution launch and sustainable operation.

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Director, Chartis Digital
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Principal, Chartis Digital
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