Leading providers recognize that their success depends on their ability to powerfully engage their physicians as fully committed “owner-operators” of the clinical enterprise. Provider organizations must foster and support high-affinity physician engagement with accountability for performance based on strategic priorities and physician ownership to drive clinical and operational change.

What We Offer:

  • Physician Alignment at All Levels
  • Physician Strategy and Performance
  • Medical Group Performance
  • Physician Leadership and Development
  • Physician Compensation, Productivity and Incentives
  • Physician Manpower Planning
  • Clinical Variation and Workflow Management
  • Funds Flow
  • Physician Network Configuration and Performance
  • CIN Development and Performance
  • Faculty Practice Organization
  • Service Line Planning and Organization
  • Quality and Clinical Variation Management

Who We Serve:

  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Institutions
  • Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Physician Enterprises
  • Mark J. Werner, MD

    Mark J. Werner, MD
    Director, Clinical Consulting, Physicians and CPLI
    Dr. Werner is a Director with The Chartis Group leading Clinical Consulting and the Chartis Physician Leadership Institute. Dr. Werner brings over 25 years of experience providing transformational healthcare leadership in physician alignment and engagement, medical group performance, innovation and the translation of strategy into clinical operations.

  • Robert Schwartz, MD

    Robert Schwartz, MD
    Dr. Schwartz has more than 34 years of healthcare experience in: academics, research, administration, operations, governance, physician relationship strategies, quality initiatives, change management, clinical decision support and process improvement.

    Michael Tsia

    Michael Tsia
    Michael Tsia is a Principal with The Chartis Group. He serves as a project manager and advisor to leading academic health centers, children's hospitals, and community health systems on numerous topics, including enterprise strategic and financial planning, physician and organizational alignment, and operations improvement.

  • Mark Van Kooy, MD

    Mark Van Kooy, MD
    Dr. Van Kooy has over 30 years of experience in healthcare as a family physician and consultant. For much of his career he was a faculty physician and residency director and continues as a clinically active physician. He has extensive experience in physician coaching, change management and performance improvement as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

    Mark B. Wenneker, MD

    Mark B. Wenneker, MD
    Dr. Wenneker has over 25 years of experience in healthcare as a practicing primary care physician and healthcare consultant. He focuses on supporting the design and implementation of physician-hospital/system alignment models in community hospitals, hospital systems and academic medical centers.

  • Frederick van Pelt, MD

    Frederick van Pelt, MD
    Associate Clinical Principal
    Dr. van Pelt has more than 18 years of experience in clinical practice, performance improvement, patient safety and change management within health systems. His areas of expertise include: system of care advancement; clinical service redesign and clinical variation management; physician and care provider engagement; and implementation science.