Oncology Solutions

Oncology Solutions

Elevating and integrating the cancer care continuum

Oncology Solutions

Elevating and integrating the cancer care continuum

In the United States, one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and the number of cases is forecast to rise dramatically. As cancer sustains its advance, so must the health systems and oncology programs charged with creating a healthier world.

Like the disease, cancer’s macro-landscape is complex and constantly evolving — in science, policy, and care delivery. Small changes ripple with outsized impact to providers and care delivery systems, requiring a nearly continuous refinement of budgets, clinical operating models, and market strategy.

When hospitals and health systems need expertise with cancer, they trust us to help them navigate their most complex questions. Our experience across 45 years affords us a depth of exposure and network of experience unparalleled in the industry. Cancer consulting is not simply our business, it’s our life’s work — and a source of tremendous pride for our team.

Client Impact

We have completed more than 2,500 cancer engagements, enhancing cancer care for millions of patients nationwide.

We can help.

At Chartis Oncology Solutions, we take a rigorous and analytical approach to understanding your current situation. We believe it is critical to clearly define where you stand today to chart the way forward. Our dedicated work in oncology strategy and performance keeps our perspective contemporary and innovative but also grounded in approaches proven to drive growth, value, and strong financial return.

Our services in the following areas transform cancer care delivery in communities nationwide:

  • 1. Strategic Planning

  • We partner with our clients to develop broadly endorsed, action-oriented strategies for cancer programs. Our planning capability spans from rural community cancer centers to top NCI-designated cancer centers and academic medical centers. While the environments vary, there are a few constants to our planning approach and the questions we address:

    —What macro-trends are disrupting the status quo in cancer care delivery, treatment innovation, and onco-economics, and how do we position ourselves for long-range success?

    —How do our capabilities compare to our competitive set and peer organizations around the country, and what will be necessary to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace?

    —Where should we prioritize our investments to drive growth and improve upon access, outcomes, and the financial health of our cancer enterprise?

    —What is required to successfully implement our strategic priorities (physician enterprise, performance/operations, I&T, facility, financial, sequencing, etc.)?

  • 2. Partnership and Transaction Support

  • The cancer industry is experiencing rapid vertical and horizontal integration as programs align key oncologic specialists into integrated models of cancer care. Community and academic health systems are also increasingly coming together to further quality, clinical research, and financial goals. We help our clients scope, facilitate, and execute on all types of cancer partnerships, including professional services, joint ventures, academic affiliations, and more. Learn more about our Provider Enterprise Solutions >

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