Advanced analytics for data-driven decision-makers


Advanced analytics for data-driven decision-makers

Progress in a data-driven era requires a nimble and focused analytics strategy. For providers, this means harnessing data and advanced technologies to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend toward data consumption and analytical decision-making. Now more than ever, analytic capabilities are a catalyst for healthcare innovation, and continued growth requires keen insight into the visible and invisible patterns in the world around us. As we look to the future, data-driven decision-making is essential.

Reimagining care delivery, access, and performance relies on our understanding and leveraging of data. In a world of increasing complexity, sophisticated algorithms, and unprecedented change, it is more important than ever to have a partner who can bring structure and expertise to the modern healthcare environment.

Client Impact

Mid-sized systems reduced overall costs by an average of $160 million after working with iVantage for 4 years.

We can help.

At Chartis, we are leading the development of next-generation analytics to give our clients the insights and perspective necessary to navigate and improve care delivery. By harnessing the emergence of advanced analytic techniques, data visualization, and AI/machine learning technologies, we can help you tell the story of what’s next.

Our key offerings include:

Consulting Analytics: Tailored Insights

Our seasoned teams of analysts and data specialists live at the intersection of healthcare, data, and technology by using applied data science and proprietary algorithms to build descriptive and predictive scenario-based models and guided analytics. By aligning cross-functional teams of consultants and analytic specialists, Chartis brings the most rigorous and relevant analytics to address the problem at hand. Leveraging our advanced technology platform and our integrated data warehouse, we bring a forward-thinking, data-driven perspective to our solutions.

Performance Management Analytics

Through iVantage Health Analytics, a Chartis Group company, we offer the iVantage Performance Manager (iPM). iPM helps hospitals and health systems identify, understand, and prioritize opportunities for operational, clinical, quality, and cost management improvement. iPM serves as an integrated cost benchmarking and performance management platform, custom-designed to provide a clear line of sight into enterprise-wide performance and pinpoint real opportunities for improvement. Designed to be cascaded throughout the organization—from system CEOs to front line managers—we’ve engineered the platform to provide visibility into the impact and interdependencies of productivity, utilization, cost, and clinical quality by answering the four key questions of performance management: How am I performing? Where are my opportunities? How do I improve? Am I making progress?

Custom Analytics: Enterprise Tools

The Chartis team brings a unique combination of deep industry experience and robust technical expertise that can be applied to solve your organization’s analytic challenges. Working alongside your teams, we offer a proven, Agile co-development model to help you create and deploy powerful enterprise applications by leveraging our expertise in data visualization, engineering, and user experience design.

Featured Analytics Leaders

Clayton Donahue
Chief Technology & Analytics Officer
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Data & Analysis

Telehealth Adoption Tracker

The Chartis Group and Kythera Labs have brought together a team of data scientists, visualization experts and industry thought leaders to develop the Telehealth Adoption Tracker, an advanced analytic tool designed to measure how COVID-19 has driven rapid telehealth adoption across the country.

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Data & Analysis

Falling Behind: Non-Profit Health Plans Need a New Medicare Advantage Strategy

The surge in Medicare Advantage enrollment has masked a concerning trend: For-profit health plans are far outpacing non-profits in capturing market share. With a renewed strategy, non-profits can narrow this gap.

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Data & Analytics

Building an Effective Cost to Collect Strategy

In February 2020, we published a paper, “Building an Effective Cost to Collect Strategy.” The paper is focused on guiding revenue cycle leaders to finding the best way to maximize their yield. The COVID-19 pandemic has put many healthcare provider organizations in an unprecedented, compromised financial position that will take a great deal of time to recover from.

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