The healthcare innovation age is upon us.  When effectively harnessed, the vast proliferation of data and the emergence of advanced analytic techniques and AI/machine learning technologies hold the promise of improving decision-making and care delivery within healthcare.  


Analytics underlies everything The Chartis Group does—from the delivery of data-driven advisory services to the creation of tailored dashboards and models to iVantage’s enterprise SaaS analytic platforms.

  • Applied Analytics and Data Science
  • Data Visualization and User Experience
  • Agile Co-Development Process
  • Integrated Advisory and Research Services


The Chartis Group brings together the expertise, technology and data required to deliver the quantitative insights and analytic software solutions tailored to meet the emerging needs of healthcare organizations. 

  • Analytic Advisory Services & Industry Thought Leadership
  • Custom Analytic Dashboards & Model Development
  • Enterprise Market & Performance Analytics Solutions

The Chartis Group combines the next-generation capabilities and expertise, proven approach and best-in-class infrastructure required to build and deliver accurate and actionable analytic insights.