Rhonda S. Mealor

Rhonda S. Mealor

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Rhonda S. Mealor is a Director with The Chartis Group and Practice Area Lead for Chartis Oncology Solutions practice. For over 30 years, she has assisted healthcare organizations with the alignment of current operations and strategic goals to improve performance and achieve long-term growth. Focused on process improvement and adherence to evidence-based standards of case, Ms. Mealor works closely with physicians and clinical staff to establish treatment guidelines as well as quality measurement and reporting methods. She has helped many organizations reduce costs, improve resource utilization, enhance the patient and physician experience, and provide more efficient, coordinated care through the development of multidisciplinary, tumor-specific programming. She has established more than 60 teams and facilitated more than 750 meetings across the United States.

Ms. Mealor was previously a Co-owner and Senior Partner of Cancer CarePoint, Inc., and a Vice President at CDP Group.

Ms. Mealor is actively involved in the oncology community and is a member of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, the Association of Community Cancer Centers, the National Consortium of Breast Centers, the American College of Radiation Oncology and the Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators.

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