HIMSS17: A Focus on the Transformative Power of Health IT

There was a unified industry focus on the transformative power of health IT at the 2017 HIMSS Conference. Chartis provided key insights on pressing issues through five presentations, one Career Fair poster presentation, and a presentation and moderated session for the HIMSS international community. Explore the thought leadership from these sessions below.

  • Presentations and Key Insights

How to Make IT the Underpinning of the Enterprise Strategy

John Ward, CIO, TriHealth

Bob Schwyn, Director, The Chartis GroupBob Schwyn, Director, The Chartis Group

IT strategic planning is very dependent on and must be aligned with the enterprise strategy. Yet, traditionally these two activities have been done separately – and in many cases, not aligned and integrated as one overall organizational plan.

Discover how to make IT an integral part of enterprise strategic planning to accelerate and support the organization's business imperatives. View the presentation here.

Benchmarking, IT Cost Controls and Efficiencies

Christian Pass, CFO, John Muir HealthChristian Pass, CFO,
John Muir Health

Greg McGovern, Principal, The Chartis GroupGreg McGovern, Principal, The Chartis Group

Strategies for improved care delivery, expanded physician services, market growth and customer engagement all require a significant increase in IT investments.

Learn the key components driving IT costs and investments, best practices for achieving IT cost efficiencies, and ways to optimize the IT value equation. View the presentation here.

Care Coordination Transformation: Road to Population Health

Christy Kaplan, VP of Care Coordination and Integration,
John Muir Health

Susan Tolin, Manager, The Chartis Group

Susan Tolin, Manager, The Chartis Group

Care coordination is one of the key competencies for success in achieving the “quadruple aim” defined as better outcomes, lower costs and improved patient and provider experience.

Explore how a transformation project can redefine the organization's workflows, reduce data duplication activities, encourage top-of-licensure clinician work, and increase efficiencies to connect patients to the right provider. View the presentation here.

Next Generation IT Governance: Fully-Integrated and Operationally-Led

Ryan Bosch, MD, Healthcare Executive/Partner, Executive Healthcare Services

Fran Turisco, Associate Principal, The Chartis GroupFran Turisco, Associate Principal, The Chartis Group

Effective governance is more essential than ever. Challenges raised by issues such as the extension of IT systems to community partners and increased rates of mergers and acquisitions have rendered traditional approaches to IT governance disconnected and inoperative.

Learn how a holistic approach to IT governance allows for optimization of systems and resources to ultimately improve healthcare outcomes. View the presentation here.

Managing a Legacy Team in an EHR Transition: Success and Serendipity

Penny Black, IT Director, Houston Methodist Hospital

Alan Perkins, Principal, The Chartis Group

Alan Perkins, Principal, The Chartis Group

When embarking on a multi-year EHR implementation, it is critical to ensure existing core IT systems continue to function well while the new EHR system is being built and deployed.

Learn the key considerations for developing an effective staffing strategy to create a streamlined, cohesive legacy systems team that is highly engaged. View the presentation here.

Invest in Denmark and HIMSS Nordic Track/Denmark, Closing the "O" Gap

Hal Wolf, DirectorHal Wolf, Vice Chair, HIMSS Board of Directors, and National Director of Information and Digital Health Strategy,
The Chartis Group

The Nordic Community of eHealth leaders and the Danish Ministry of Health are congregating at HIMSS17 to share best practices and learn from thought leaders and innovators. Hal Wolf will be speaking on the topic, “Closing the ‘O’ Gap," as well as participating in a two-hour panel discussion on behalf of the Danish Delegation, “Invest in Denmark.”

Personal Brand Best Practices to Support an HIT Career Journey

Lisa Cannon, Director of Talent Development,
The Chartis Group

There is a constant state of change within the dynamic healthcare information technology profession. Establishing a professional brand that can affect career growth and unleash potential opportunities is a necessity within an HIT career journey. View more details about the poster presentation here.

  • In the News

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Featuring John Ward, CIO, TriHealth, and Bob Schwyn, Director, The Chartis Group

Tips for managing legacy employees during big EHR implementations

Featuring Penny Black, IT Director, Houston Methodist Hospital, and Alan Perkins, Principal, The Chartis Group

Healthcare Informatics’ HIMSS17 Survival Guide

Featuring Gregg Mohrmann, Director, The Chartis Group

For More Information

Jody Cervenak, Director, The Chartis GroupJody Cervenak
Director and Informatics and Technology Practice Leader

Jody Cervenak is a Director with The Chartis Group with over 20 years of experience in planning, implementing and optimizing the value of healthcare information technology. She has served as an advisor to leading academic medical centers, integrated delivery systems, children's hospitals, large practice groups, community hospitals and post-acute care organizations in the areas of: IT strategic planning, system selection, planning, implementation, benefit realization, patient engagement, telemedicine and population health management.

Dan Coate, Director, The Chartis GroupDan Coate
Director and Informatics and Technology Practice Leader

Dan Coate is a Director with The Chartis Group in the Informatics and Technology practice. Mr. Coate has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare strategy, performance improvement and information technology. He advises clients on IT strategy and special studies, and leads and manages large-scale process and technology programs. Mr. Coate co-founded and served as a Principal at Aspen Advisors, a top healthcare IT advisory services firm, before it joined The Chartis Group in 2014.

Thomas KiesauThomas Kiesau
Director and Strategy Practice Leader

Thomas Kiesau is a Director with The Chartis Group with more than 20 years of experience consulting to the healthcare industry. Mr. Kiesau has served as an advisor to more than 50 provider organizations including leading academic health centers, children's hospitals, faculty practice groups, integrated health systems and community hospitals. He directs consulting engagements in the areas of: enterprise strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, service line growth strategy, patient access, economic alignment, strategic outsourcing and comprehensive revenue cycle management.

Stacy Melvin, Director and Clinical Transformation Practice LeaderStacy Melvin
Director and Performance Practice Leader

Stacy Melvin is a Director with The Chartis Group and leader for its Performance Practice. Ms. Melvin has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare provider industry, including 17 years as a consultant. She is a nationally recognized expert in operations design and performance improvement; healthcare information technology strategic planning, vendor selections, implementation planning and executive oversight, and technology value realization; and activation and transition planning for new facilities.

Gregg Mohrmann
Director and Informatics and Technology Practice Leader

Gregg Mohrmann is a Director with The Chartis Group. Mr. Mohrmann has over 17 years of experience in management consulting primarily focused on the strategic and operational use of information technology (IT) by leading healthcare providers and payors. He has advised academic medical centers, multi-facility/multi-regional integrated delivery networks, national health plans, community and specialty hospitals and providers. His extensive experience focuses on strategic planning and assessment, system selections, and large scale EHR and infrastructure program management.

Kevin Ormand, Director, The Chartis GroupKevin Ormand
Director and Revenue Cycle Practice Leader

Kevin Ormand is a Director with The Chartis Group and is a Revenue Cycle leader for the Informatics and Technology practice. He has almost 20 years of experience working as a leader within a provider organization and with healthcare leadership teams to provide strategic consulting. Mr. Ormand has worked in the areas of health system revenue cycle operations, strategic consulting and process redesign. Additionally, he has a proven track record with strategy development, operations management, revenue cycle technology implementation, technology integration with revenue cycle business processes and total cost of ownership for major financial implementation strategies.

Bob SchwynBob Schwyn
Director and Informatics and Technology Practice Leader

Bob Schwyn is a Director with The Chartis Group. He has extensive experience as a healthcare information technology executive leading teams in clinical transformation and the design and delivery of solutions for enhancing patient care quality, improving operational effectiveness and achieving excellence in customer service. Mr. Schwyn has demonstrated success in strategic planning and implementing industry-leading technology solutions by focusing on process and technology to transform organizational practices. He is an expert in service management and in helping healthcare information technology organizations redesign processes and practices to improve performance, service delivery, satisfaction and maximize value realization from their IT investments.

Mark J. Werner, MDMark J. Werner, MD
National Director of Clinical Consulting

Dr. Werner leads clinical consulting efforts across the firm focusing on: enterprise physician alignment and leadership, medical group performance, adoption and change management, performance innovation, population health, provider-payor relationships and the translation of strategy into clinical operations. Dr. Werner brings over 25 years of experience providing transformational healthcare leadership in integrated health systems, academic medical centers, clinically integrated networks, multi-specialty physician groups and health plans addressing the imperatives of value creation, value-based payments, patient and provider engagement, and innovative consumer-centric solutions for high quality affordable healthcare.

Hal Wolf
National Director of Information and Digital Health Strategy

Hal Wolf is a Director with The Chartis Group and National Leader for Information and Digital Health Strategy. With nearly 35 years of experience, Mr. Wolf is respected internationally as a healthcare and informatics executive. He leads the firm in supporting providers and healthcare organizations in the development of integrated information and digital health strategies. A key architect in the development of content, research and user interface for video on demand and broadband, Mr. Wolf is a pioneer in consumer engagement. He has contributed his unique approach and insights to the birth of the digital health era, combining the traditional enterprise strategy with an end-to-end organizational view while keeping the patient as the central focus.