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The Chartis Forum: Best of 2019

Get ready for 2020 by checking out our most-read thought leadership of 2019.

Being a Digital Health System
While some may still challenge the inevitability of healthcare’s digital transformation, most healthcare leaders are no longer asking the question of “if” but “when.” The last decade has seen an enormous and unprecedented influx of capital into a wide array of health-related digital investments, ranging from consumer health services and devices, to innovative clinical treatments, to novel approaches to managing healthcare utilization and spend. The time is now for health systems to define what digital means for them.

Bridging the Digital Divide in the Healthcare C-Suite
The explosion of healthcare data, changing consumer expectations and rapid acceleration of digital health solutions present great opportunities for healthcare delivery enterprises. To realize the promise from these advancements, health systems’ IT business units must fundamentally change how they operate.

Beating the Financial Squeeze: How to Drive Performance Transformation in Your Health System
While savings can often be achieved through renewed efforts in a variety of areas, accelerating pressures on expense management and capital requirements are threatening to outpace most organizations’ ability to manage performance. Providers seeking to improve margins must directly address clinical care delivery and the associated clinical processes, within an operating environment organized to meet the changing needs of healthcare consumers.

Doubling Down on Ambulatory Access: Making it Easy for Consumers to Get in and Choose to Stay
Doubling down on ambulatory patient access and bolstering patient loyalty is more critical than ever for providers striving to retain and serve current patients, grow programs and bend the cost curve. Meaningful transformation of access processes requires unwavering leadership commitment, focus and discipline, and strong alignment with physicians on why access matters and how they can support improvement efforts, all while keeping up with fast-changing consumer demands.

Creating a Successful Physician Enterprise in Academic Health Systems
The right structure ultimately depends on factors unique to each organization, and where an AHS starts is unlikely to be where they ultimately land. This paper explores the approaches and lessons learned from assisting numerous organizations in building physician enterprises that support the journey from AMC to market-leading AHS.

Are Your Partnerships Achieving Their Goals? Evaluating Health System Partnerships
Maintaining a diversified partnership portfolio has become a core skill set and business model used by leading health systems to support several elements of their strategy. Although the focus and scope of each organization’s partnership portfolio varies, the following approach to evaluating partnerships can be adapted to suit each organization’s unique needs. This approach can be expanded to address a range of affiliation arrangements and can also be used by multiple parties seeking to jointly evaluate a new partnership.

Can Hospital Mergers Deliver Real Value? The Answer is Yes…If You Do It Right.
To fully realize potential merger synergy value, organizations must be willing to tap every opportunity and address politically sensitive or challenging areas such as provider alignment and clinical service-line organization. The recent merger to create Beth Israel Lahey Health (BILH) provides a meaningful example of the importance of leadership focus and alignment, integration planning and infrastructure, and stakeholder engagement to realize promised benefits and value.

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