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Is Your Medical Group Hitting the Mark?

Medical groups are the linchpin of hospital and health system operations, the core of the clinical enterprise, and the indispensable driver of success. With increasing size, scale and scope, today’s medical groups wield greater impact on healthcare delivery and performance than ever before. Leading health systems recognize that medical group capabilities and leadership are critical to transforming care delivery and cost structure in an environment of shrinking revenue and increased risk. Across the country, effective physician-health system partnerships are achieving remarkable results in clinical outcomes, cost management, access and capacity, and patient and provider experience — and are positioning themselves for success in an increasingly cost-sensitive and value-based market. Only by optimizing medical group clinical, financial and operational performance, and fostering aligned, committed and accountable physician leadership, can health systems and physicians together address the complexities and challenges facing today’s healthcare providers.

In this white paper, we highlight the characteristics of a successful medical group while providing actionable steps to assess your group’s current performance and develop a focused approach for improvement.

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