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Leveraging Technology to Enable Children’s Hospitals’ Strategic Imperatives

It doesn’t take an IT expert to understand that technology is an increasingly integral component of our daily lives. This has been true for other industries for some time and is now the case for healthcare. In fact, it seems there is an almost daily barrage of announcements and news stories about the role of technology and technology firms in the healthcare sector.

For children’s hospitals, many boards are rightly asking leadership what the organization’s strategy around technology is. Children’s hospitals have a powerful and notable mission to improve the health and lives of children in their regions. Because they serve a specific and very important subset of the population, they are unique providers, with differentiated requirements and strategies. The challenge is two-fold: first, being able to articulate what emerging technology services and solutions are available and necessary for their patients and families, and second, determining how to construct an approach to prioritizing these potential investments. This includes grappling with the issue of whether to develop the solution internally, purchase it, or partner with technology providers to most effectively deploy the capability across the organization and to key stakeholders.

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