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Harnessing Insights from Your Data: Nine Key Components of a Dynamic Enterprise Analytics Plan

New insights into key performance indicators—whether for clinical, quality, safety, patient and clinician experience, supply chain, finance, revenue cycle or resource utilization—are within the grasp of all stakeholders, in real time. While data does not hold the promise on its own, applying algorithms, visualization and analytics can surface an abundance of intelligence to drive performance improvement and strengthen overall organizational position.

The challenge is how to best position the organization’s analytics program to fully leverage that information. Creating a dynamic enterprise analytics plan is a keystone to align and advance the organization’s analytics competency.

In this paper, we share a framework that can help guide organizations to ensure they are developing and operating analytics programs that maximize the benefits from technology investments and garner the enormous potential insights from the data. When deployed effectively, a strong analytics program can generate compelling, sustainable financial, operational and clinical results.

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